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Stone pine in winter, Dachstein glacier, Austria


The stone pine is considered the queen of the conifers and, in addition to its aroma, is particularly impressive with its outstanding effects on our organism.
It belongs to the pine family, grows in the high mountains from about 1600m altitude, can be up to 1000 years old, defies temperatures below -40°C, grows up to 25m high and only blooms every 6 to 10 years. The stone pine, also known as Swiss stone pine, Arve or Arbe, is valued in many areas and has a long tradition as a medicinal and luxury food. Whether in furniture construction, in food and spirits production or as incense. But what unites these different areas in their interest in this alpine plant?

Ever since the 2003 study by Joanneum Research in Styria, everyone has been talking about the stone pine, or rather its wood. It has been found out and scientifically proven that pine wood lowers the heart rate. So if you sleep in a pine bed or in a room paneled with pine, this can reduce your heart rate by up to 3,500 heartbeats per day. With an average pulse, this corresponds to a whole hour of “heart work”. Stone pine promotes deep relaxation and recovery of the body and helps with sleep disorders and circulatory problems. In addition, the general well-being is improved. A pine cabinet or a scented sachet filled with pine wood also prevent moth infestation.

We offer you pine wood of the highest quality as incense, which you can order with a clear conscience. Because we get our Swiss stone pine from an Austrian family business that has been involved in the production of stone pine wood for several generations and has an exemplary and sustainable approach to harvesting and reforestation.

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