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Our Kyphi, refined with white sandalwood

Kyphi is an ancient incense blend for evening incense and offerings from ancient Egyptian times. It was created for the pharaohs and incense masters of the temples and translates meaningfully as “balm for the soul”.

In ancient Egypt, ritual incense has a firm tradition. At least three times a day was smoked in the temples. Frankincense in the morning, myrrh at noon and evening with Kyphi. Besides incense, the mixture was also used as a potion or for rubbing and embalming. Cleopatra used Kyphi as a perfume. She was almost obsessed with the scent, so you could smell her on the shore even before her ship docked. At least that’s what stories say.

Due to its exclusive and exotic ingredients Kyphi was considered the most precious incense blend in ancient Egypt and was sometimes weighed 1:1 against gold!!!

The recipe for Kyphi is based on inscriptions that are so old that they could not be finally deciphered until today. However, these have been supplemented by other records, so we can offer a mixture that is pretty much the same as the original recipe. We thus fall back on knowledge that is almost 6000 years old and still enchants us today. This is not about being better than others, but about practicing what has been handed down.

The production of Kyphi requires, in addition to numerous and high-quality ingredients, not only some craftsmanship, but also a lot of time and patience for the maturing process, as well as a good “nose” for the finished end product for a really good result.

Kyphi is not so good for smoking on incense in our opinion, because the ingredients burn too quickly. On the other hand, on a stainless steel tray with a tea light, all the flavors can unfold slowly. In return, you are rewarded with a fragrance that is incomparable and distributes a comprehensive warmth in the room. The aroma convinces even great skeptics of smoking.

We deviated from the original “spherical” shape and opted for a “diamond” shape. Since a rhombus has a larger contact surface than a sphere, we achieve an almost perfect result when burning it on a stainless steel tray.

When Kyphi is smoked, then as now, especially in the evening, it is said to relax the mood, free us from our worries and thoughts and accompany us well protected and cared for sleep.

Whether for a ceremony, your own little ritual or simply “just” as a room scent. Although you already know Kyphi or you perceive this wonderful fragrance for the first time, we offer you a Kyphi fragrance that is guaranteed to delight and touch you.

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