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Agarwood (Aquilaria malaccensis)

Agarwood is considered the most expensive wood in the world and has many names. It is also called aloe wood, gaharu, oudh or agalocha. It has an ancient tradition in exquisite incense blends from many cultures throughout the history of the world. Oud / agarwood comes in a very wide range of scents between balsamic-sweet, spicy-bitter and woody-animalic. Decisive for the scent are the age, as well as the origin of the wood. We obtain the approx. 90 years "young" wood from northeast India. It is burned in small splinters, preferably on a smoking tray or sieve. Not infrequently, people stand over the incense burner and in this way perfume their whole body and clothes with this fragrance. It is said that it accompanies our soul to a high level of development.
A balsamic-sweet, woody-animalic scent.


Larger quantities on request.

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