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Frankincense Tree Socotra Island, Yemen


Frankincense, olibanum or boswellia resin is the dried tree resin of various boswellia tree species. Most people will know it from the church as a cult-ritual incense. But frankincense also has an old tradition in medicine.

The raw material is obtained by scratching the trunks and branches of the trees and a sticky milky liquid emerges from the cuts, which then dries in the air. The main production of incense starts in March and April and sometimes extends throughout the year. Several harvesting cycles of the resin follow, the quality of which becomes more and more pure with each additional cycle. How much resin can be harvested from a tree depends greatly on the age, care and condition of the tree and its environment.

The systematic cultivation of Boswellia trees of any kind has not really succeeded to date. Therefore, incense is still a precious commodity. For this reason, farmers have been passing on their knowledge about harvesting to their families, sometimes for decades and centuries.

The different types of incense come about because there are different subspecies of the Boswellia tree, but the scent and aroma of the harvest also depend heavily on the location of the tree. The soil conditions, the climate and many other factors have a direct influence on the quality of the product. Therefore, types of incense from different regions of our world are sometimes very similar at first glance, but you quickly notice how different incense can be, especially when smoking. With a well-assorted selection of incense, you can literally embark on a scented journey around the world.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s the ancient Egyptians in mummification, the Roman Catholic Church in church services, the ancient Greeks in festive ceremonies or the Vikings in their rituals. Frankincense is deeply rooted in our history. The Three Wise Men brought incense to the crib, among other things. References to the ritual use of incense in some written records date back to the middle of the first millennium. Before the early Middle Ages, incense was known and valued as a remedy in our latitudes. Incense also has an ancient tradition in the Orient, in large parts of Africa and in many parts of Asia. With today’s modern medicine and its technology, the medical effectiveness of this wonderful tree resin is also proven.

We offer you our incense in the purest natural form for burning. Let the overwhelming aromas take you to distant lands and fill your rooms with unique fragrances.


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