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Myrrh resin with leaf ( Commiphora myrrha)


Similar to frankincense, myrrh is an aromatic gum resin. Myrrh comes from trees of different species in the genus Commiphora, also known as myrrh shrub. There are many different types of these found all over the world. However, Somalia is best known for its myrrh production.
Historically, myrrh has been accessed for more than 3000 years and traces of it date back to the dawn of ancient Egypt. There it was used similarly to frankincense for embalming. But the raw material also has a long tradition as an incense. In countries such as Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, among others, myrrh was and is used for ritual incense and anointing. In ancient times, myrrh was also considered a stimulating aphrodisiac. It was worn as a perfume or spread on the bed before making love.
Like frankincense, so the story goes, myrrh was brought to the birthplace of Jesus by the Three Kings. A valuable commodity…
In addition to the unmistakable scent, which can still be found in many perfumes, myrrh is also used in medicine to this day. It is said to be disinfecting, haemostatic, antispasmodic and beneficial for scarring…
We offer you myrrh of the best quality for smoking.

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