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Palo Santo Stick

Palo Santo, translated to Holy Wood, is the name of a balsam tree plant from South America. It is used for ritual incense and is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world, especially in recent years.
Already the Inca shamans swore by the sacred wood as a panacea and use it as a central component of their healing art and rituals. The Spanish brought it to Europe during colonization, where it was used to control syphillis epidemics.
Today, Palo Santo is mainly used as incense for meditations and purification rituals. It contains a lot of essential oil and gives off a distinctive intense, comforting, warm and sweet scent when smoked. It has an inspiring and energizing effect.
In order to obtain palo santo for smoking, one must rely on a special natural process. The Palo Santo tree is limited in life span to about 100 years. At the latest after this growth phase, or even beforehand in fallen branches or twigs, an insect nests in the wood and starts a biochemical metamorphosis process. This creates the aromatic resin inside the tree. We find it amazing but at the same time wonderful that nature has arranged it this way. You wonder why? Because this makes “predation” for use as incense does not make sense.
We offer you Palo Santo of excellent quality and the specifications of the local authorities. Convince yourself!

Our Palo Santo sticks are now also available in 5kg packs.

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