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Aurora in the twelfthtide


The twelfthtide are several nights around the calendrical turn of the year, to which a special meaning is attributed in European customs. The exact period and number of nights may vary depending on the interpretation of ancient scriptures or between cultural groups, but in any case it is between December 20 and January 6. Also an important farmer’s rule refers to the twelfthtide. This is how they are supposed to determine the weather for the coming new year. Especially the Celts and Germanic tribes have shaped the twelfthtide in our latitudes. One theory also says that you “invented” the twelfthtide to compensate for the difference between the lunar and solar calendars.

Raunachts customs, however, extend both geographically and culturally throughout most of Europe. Of course, there are differences in the interpretation and the respective rites. Basically, however, this time for everyone is about closing the past year with its spirits and start the new year with fresh energy. Many ceremonies involve silence, looking inward and reviewing the past year. From this, a look into the future will be taken and the plans and forecasts will be manifested. In addition, the dreams during the twelfthtide should give premonitions for the new year.

Smoking has a, if not THE, central role in all of this. Evil spirits are to be driven away, good spirits contacted, rooms cleansed, dreams encouraged, wishes heard and people protected. We have put together a special twelfthtide blend for you, which enjoys great popularity and should not be missing in any case at the turn of the year!

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